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Studio 108 


New Students Information

Welcome To Studio 108!

Get ready to  move in our Hot 108 classes. This class is designed for all levels and meets the needs of the attending students. Different teachers bring their own personality to the class but the sequence is the same and packed with tons of teacher / student interaction. All levels welcome. If you are not yet ready for the added challenge and benefits of the heat please try our Restorative Classes or email/call us for a recommendation.





Wear loose-fitting or non-restrictive clothing with the goal to avoid clothing and accessories that could impede your movement.

Other the other side of caution, these classes are co-ed classes so please make sure everything is properly contained at all times. You will be placing yourself in positions that you are not accustomed to so dress appropriately  :o)

Speedos, bikinis and similar type of DISTRACTING clothing is discouraged. Men and women must have the upper body covered.

Classes are barefoot and shoes must remain outside the yoga room.


PERFUME IS A NO NO. us maintain a fragrance-free environment. Many students including the owners have very sensitive allergies and the after effects can make life uncomforatble for several days.


AN EMPTY STOMACH will ensure you are more comfortable in class.

Wait two to three hours after a meal or a half hour after a light snack or drink. Avoid the distraction of sipping water dring class, but staying hydrated is a priority so make sure you drink plenty afterwards.


YOGA MATS are MANDATORY in order to attend a yoga class and can be  purchased before class at the studio. We do recommend you have your own. We have limited mats for new students but try our best to provide a loaner mat for those who are new or forget their mats at home.

Yoga mats serve to keep you keep focused on your own personal space throughout the class as open spaces around your mat can be limited at times depending on the size of the class. Your yoga mat also helps keep your sweat contained in your personal space. Sweating is encouraged but for those "sweaters" out there please dress and practice appropriately so that it remains in  your personal space during class. 


CHECK-IN at the front desk and log in on the sign up sheet. Please take off your cell phone or place on vibrate.


TALK  to the teacher. If you are new why not enter the studio a few minutes early and introduce yourself to the teacher? Those having to leave early should tell the teacher before class so that the teacher will  know you are OK when you wallk out early.



Yoga has shown tremendous physical benefits for people seeking fitness as well as therapy for chronic ailments and injuries. A mind-body technique that stresses the creation of a quiet, reflective space in the mind, it promotes mental clarity and an overall sense of well-being that can ameliorate anxiety, depression and mind-body disorders. It starts smal, with the body, but its benefits can be large. By promoting physical and mental change, yoga can help you transform your life.

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