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Studio 108 

Yoga Team

Holistic Healing For All

Studio 108 Yoga and Holistic Healing opened in Westchase in September 2013. 

The owner, Missy White, has returned to Westchase where she lived for many years in the Westchase Village. Missy says "Yoga changed her life" and over the years Missy has travelled around the world leading yoga retreats, workshops and master yoga classes in places like England, Spain and Sri Lanka. Missy has taught in the UK teaching several master Classes at the OM show in London and in Manchester and travels to conferences & festivals in the United States throughout the year.  


Missy has created a unique trademarked series of yoga postures based on her experience over 15 years in yoga called the '108 Asanas' which is a physically challenging series from both a strength and flexibility perspective.  Studio 108 covers the full spectrum of yoga from complete relaxation to an aggressive yoga practice that gives you a complete challenging workout.  

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