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If we truly want to be happy we must go within! This is one of the many things that yoga has taught me. In 1999 I started practicing yoga and in many ways it saved my life – Because of this I decided to share the gift of yoga with as many people as possible. I had to follow my heart and perhaps a road less traveled.



Yoga is teaching me about self-discipline. It is also making me stronger and flexible. I want to keep learning about all the things Yoga has to offer. It is truly a joy for me to practice Yoga every day and I'm happy to share that joy with you. Please feel free to tell me your experiences with Yoga and how it has helped you. 初めまして。よろしくお願いします。

Our goal is to create and sustain a strong Community through Inspiration and Joy that fosters Healing and Growth.

An environment that nourishes us all spiritually, mentally and physically in support of our five precepts:










Tracy is a certified 200RYT yoga instructor by the esteemed Missy White in the summer of 2020. After practicing yoga off-and-on for many years and wanting to have a deeper knowledge and growth in her practice, she decided to take advantage of the downtime due to the pandemic and focus on something positive.

Tracy discovered that the practice and knowledge of yoga, to include all the teachings that are part of the study, helps people look inward and learn about oneself and how to grow. The practice is not just physical, but also mental and spiritual and has the possibility of transforming your life.

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Jun Xie,  200RYT English/Mandarin中文
Jun started her yoga journey 8 years ago. Through her practice, she learnt the foundations of yoga as well as its many health benefits. In 2016, she got her hot yoga teacher certificate from Studio 108 with Missy White , and soon began her teaching journey. Her first students were her friends and family, and they still support her classes to this day! In addition to her hot yoga background, Jun also graduated from Yoga with Carson Academy and got her 200 hours Vinyasa and Rocket yoga certificate in 2021. Jun is our power house! If you ever are feeling down or need a boost in your energy, she’s the one! Jun is passionate about teaching yoga and she really loves sharing her yoga experience and knowledge with all. Please grab your mat, join her, and have fun!