Weight Control

Not another diet craze. Rather a comprehensive approach to getting lean, healthy and fit for life! This program takes the healthiest and most effective common denominators from all ‘diets’ and combines that with a sound and simple life-long activity program that you are guaranteed to love. Included psycho-emotional support and coaching that is absolutely essential to help you transform your body,your health, your life… for life!

Instead of force-fitting you into the program, this program is custom designed to fit you and your lifestyle. This is a complete solution to weight management and overall health – including proper nutrition, lifelong physical activity and behavioral/emotional coaching and support. Lose 2-4 lbs/week!


Why WEIGHT? Call for your consultation today: 813.343.8887   


Please contact Missy at info@studio108tampa.com


We are committed to providing you with the knowledge, tools and support that are essential for attaining long-term health and fitness. The objective of the coaching is to provide cognitive, behavioral and emotional support by blending traditional weight management counseling and personal coaching. Call or email us for details.

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