Did you ever just need someone to listen to you with 100% attention. Someone who never judges you or your motives but simply helps hold a mirror up for you so you can see your life from the outside looking in. Someone to help you find answers to questions that seem just out of reach. Answers that you already possess but just can seem to pin down. Simply a different perspective that you are already destined to discover in time.  The listener simply holds the pieces of your life up for you to see more clearly how they fit together.


Share a part of your life with "The Listener" just for a moment and see the results for yourself.


SCHEDULE an appointment TODAY in person or on-line.


Privacy and Confidentiality completely  guaranteed.


The $10 cost of this initial session will be credited to your next session with The Listener.

Try our "Babbling Brook" session $10 for 10-15 minutes

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