I loved the class! I feel like it was one of the best classes I've taken. I love the red wall, the music and the laughter. I typically think of myself as a 'traditional' yogi, but my heart thoroughly enjoyed this style. I want to help the studio, go through training, etc. there! Oh I love the clothes and the emblem on the floor too!

Studio 108 is great! All of the instructors are welcoming, kind, and able to tailor their classes to all levels while still challenging students to push passed their limits. I also love that Studio 108 preaches alignment and form before distance in order to allow students to be able to practice without injury. I am in class nearly every day, and I'm never bored! 

Studio 108 is a welcoming and positive environment. The instructors are patient and willing to break things down when necessary. I'm loving my new yoga practice!