New Student 2 Classes                                                                        $16.00    


     1 Drop-in Yoga Class                                                                             $16.00       


     5 Classes                                                                                                  $65.00


    10 Classes                                                                                               $110.00


    20 Classes                                                                                               $190.00   


    Child's Drop in                                                                                       $10.00


First-Time Visit
Please arrive 5 -10 minutes early. Wear comfortable, exercise clothing—no footwear necessary.  It is recommended to practice yoga with a hydrated body and a digested stomach.

Other Terms and Conditions

5 class package expires 6 months from purchase date.
10 & 20 class packages expires 12 months from purchase date.
Travelling yogi package available with out of state ID

Couples or additional family member must live in the same household and can only share 5, 10 or 20 class packages. 


     New Student 30 Day Unlimited                                                           $45.00  


     Auto-Pay 1 Year Contract (Deducted from your Bank)                 $99.00                                                       


Package Re-Activation Fee
For $20 you may re-activate your current package if the time has expired before all classes were used. If you purchase a

re-activation online, please call the studio to finalize the package renewal.


Month Unlimited                                                                                      $110.00

Expiration Date: 30 days from first use

Traveling Yogi 7 day unlimited                                                     $35.00


Private Instruction with Missy White                                                $99.00

Please contact

Please Respect These Studio Guidelines

  1. Cell phones off

  2. No shoes in the studios

  3. Respectful silence within entire space (especially when classes are in session)

  4. Please take all refuse ( tissues, water bottles, etc) out of the classrooms with you when you leave

  5. Please use labeled receptacles for recyclable items