Valerie Muse

I have been practicing yoga for 15 years. Through my yoga practice I have learned the foundations of yoga and the major health benefits. However, when life tested me to my limits is when I found the true meaning of yoga. My practice is where I learned my strengths, my courage, how to love unconditionally, and who I really am. I learned how to be a patient mother and am empathetic friend, I learned that yoga can ground you, so that you can see through the struggles of life and shine even through the storms.

During a major transition in my life, I found Studio 108's 200-hour teacher training, and knew right away that this is what I was born to do. I was born to teach. I was born to guide others through the struggles and transitions of life so, they may come out the other side empowered. Yoga is a practice that takes us through doorways of pure possibilities to reach our dreams. I am honored to be a part of this studio and community of empowered yogis making a difference in people’s lives.


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