Completed Workshops@ Studio 108

Pre-Natal Yoga Workshop with Kim Denham


Saturday, April 25th

2:00pm - 6:00pm

Cost is $45


This workshop is designed to educate both pregnant women and yoga teachers on how to safely

practice yoga throughout pregnancy. The workshop includes the effects of pregnancy on the body,

benefits of yoga in pregnancy and postures to aid common discomforts. Modifications of yoga

postures will be taught and discussed.


Students will learn about the cautions of practicing while pregnant as well as what poses to avoid. Appropriate pranayama breath practices will be reviewed. This workshop is appropriate for those new to yoga, but also for seasoned practitioners and anyone

else who is interested in understanding the complex changes that occur in pregnancy.

The 108 Asanas Advanced Series with Missy White


Saturday, May 9th
2:30 - 4:30pm
Cost is $35


A complete yoga series designed for the Warrior in you!! From the lineage of Bishnu Ghosh, this fun and

energetic practice is for the intermediate to advanced student who is ready to dive into the depths of their

mind, body and spirit!

In this workshop we will first learn the unique warm up series which will safely prepare the body for transitioning into new and more advanced postures. Once the body is warm we glide through the entire series each posture preparing us for the next. Specific instructions will be given to help break down the more difficult asanas, so no matter what style of yoga you currently practice I encourage you to come and explore with us on your yoga mat. Are you curious? Do you want to expand and deepen your practice? Open up to the possibilities and join us. 

This class is taught in a heated room and we move to the rhythm of a fine blend of cool tunes.

Weekend with Taylor Harkness


May 15th-17th

$45 per Class or $115 for all 3 Classes


Friday,  May 15th       6:00pm - 8:30pm    2.5 hours    Shine On Talk + Master Class

Saturday, May 16th   1:00pm - 3:00pm                         For the Love of Core  

Sunday, May 17th      1:00pm - 3:00pm                         Beast Mode Engaged 


Shine On Talk + Master Class
[Inspiration with a Dose of Flow]


Let’s face it, we don’t always feel sparkly. The daily push-me-pull-you hustle and bustle has a way of wearing us all down. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. But remembering what makes us passionate and what brings us to life can shake off the dust. There’s a shimmery light in all of us and, once we find it, the affect is limitless. The light within you even has the power to inspire others to live bigger, bolder, and with more passion. This quick talk begins to pry rusty doors open and the flow that follows ignites a dazzling flame. Take a deep breath, it’s time to shine.


For the Love of Core
[360° Core Awareness]


We've all heard about “core this” and “core that”, and for good reason. Your core is a mechanical miracle and all of our movements stem from this place. But engaging your core doesn't have to look like 300 bicycle kicks or an hour of boat pose. This 360° core themed workshop will traverses the entire trunk, leaving us feeling balanced and strong.


Beast Mode Engaged
[Full Body Flow + Arm Balances]


Balancing on our hands and forearms is a thrilling adventure and inspires a playful “I got this!” attitude. This workshop explores various techniques, modifications, tricky arm balances, and includes an all-over flow to prep each individual part of the body for flight. No matter how you arrive, you’re leaving with a smile. *Note: Crow pose (bakasana) should be close to accessible for this
practice. We’ll touch on crow for technique, and tackle some crow variations, and then progress to other arm balances*


Taylor is a yoga teacher bent on moving people both on and off the mat with skillful action, ​an open heart, and gratitude. His motto is "Shine On",  a reminder to be your best self through honesty, vibrance, and compassion, while encouraging others to do the same.   An avid rock climber, yogi, rookie sky diver, hungry learner, and paramedic, he applies the experiences of all factions of life to his teachings and to instructing mindful, accessible asana and philosophy.  


Taylor is inspired by his medical background which fostered his passion for anatomy and the complex workings of the body. These passions influence the way he teaches his students to liberate themselves within asana.

The Mighty Psoas Workshop with Tanya Poulos


Saturday, July 18th

1:30 - 3:30pm


Cost is $35


This muscle plays an important role in our yoga practice. We use the Psoas

unconsciously every day, bringing awareness to the psoas can transform your

practice immensely. We will go over basic anatomy, what it does and where it's

located, how it effects our emotions, & our breathing. We will focus our attention

to the lower chakras bringing awareness here in chanting, go over the practical part, asana and how to draw your awareness here in asana!! After taking this workshop you will have a better understanding on how we use this muscle every day, use it

with every breath and movement!  

About Tanya:

I started my yoga journey 6 years ago, started out taking a class here and there to help stretch from workouts for triathlon trainings. I started to want to learn more and started practicing at White Orchid Yoga, where after about a year I took 200-HR RYT, Yoga Teacher Training One Month Intensive with Ally Ford in 2012, which was the best thing I’ve ever done, I learned so much about myself and my practice grew stronger and softer, I let go of things I didn’t know I held onto, and found peace in

my life. After finishing Massage School and Teacher Training, I started my teaching journey, wanting to share what I have learned with others.



The Foundations of Handstands with Missy White

Saturday, July 25th
1:30 – 3:30 PM
Cost is $30


Take the Fear and Mystery out of your Handstands!

This Workshop is for people curious about handstand and are ready to play with

balance.  We will go over the foundations of handstands as well as different approaches

to keep the whole body unified to help create balance and ease.


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