​​A complete yoga series designed for the Warrior in you!!​


From the lineage of Bishnu Ghosh, this fun and energetic practice is for the intermediate to advanced student who is ready to dive into the depths of their mind, body and spirit!  In this workshop we first learn the unique warm up series which safely prepares the body for transitioning into new and more advanced postures.  Once the body is warm we glide through the entire series, each posture preparing us for the next. So no matter what style of yoga you currently practice we encourage you to come and explore with us on your yoga mat.  If you are curious and want to expand and deepen your practice, open up to the possibilities and join us.  This series is practiceed in a heated room and we move to the rhythm of a fine blend of cool tunes.


Looking for something new to bring to your studio?


Missy White will come to your studio to present her 108 Asanas Workshop to your students. 

The 108 series is a unique series designed by Missy that allows your students to let go of their fears as they learn techniques to breakdown the variations of handstands, arm balances, inversions and more.  

Purchase the 108 Asanas Poster in person

at the Studio for $10